Table Rock Talk May 2016

The Newsletter of Lawrencefield Parish Church

Improvements pending

Drainage, carpet, paving and window treatments addressed

Several efforts are underway to improve and maintain the physical plant. Junior Warden Dave Duymich is checking out the underground drains on the office wing side of the church to see if run-off can be successfully diverted away from the foundation. In the past, water has come through the wall in the undercroft near the elevator and stained the carpet. Locating the underground drains has been a challenge since their actual location is evidently different from what is indicated on the blueprints. Dave has been assisted in his efforts by the loan of state-of-the-art equipment loaned by Shawn Martin.

The vestry has prioritized the drainage work prior to replacing the carpet in the undercroft. Carpet has been chosen by June Paull and will be installed when the underground work is completed. Church Insurance Company is providing the bulk of the funds for the carpet replacement.

The recent installation of new blinds in the undercroft is shortly to be complemented by custom wooden valances, to be installed at the top of the windows. This work is being completed by a professional carpenter thanks to a generous grant from Jessie McClure.

In addition, the driveway from Table Rock Lane up to the gateposts will be repaved early in May by Wilson Blacktop. Though we will be sorry to lose the present surface, evocative as it is of a romantic moonscape, the transmission of our automobiles will thank us. Driveway paving will be financed from Lawrencefield’s Building and Property Endowment fund.

We also hope to pave two or three handicap parking spaces near the main entrance to the church. This work will depend on the award of a grant for which we have applied “to enhance ministry to the elderly.”

Groceries and God

Update your Kroger Rewards account

To those who have linked their Kroger cards to Lawrencefield Parish Church, thank you! This simple action results in additional revenue for us at a rate of approximately $10 per participant per quarter. At last count, we had 18 parishioners participating!

During April, Kroger does require that you re-register your card. The instructions on how to do so are as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “sign-in”
  3. Put in your email address and password that you used to enroll you card.
  4. Click on participants name at the top right, scroll to the bottom for Community Rewards.
  5. Put in the group number or part of the name of the organization. Lawrencefield’s group number is 96241.
  6. Choose the correct organization.
  7. Click Enroll.

If it’s the first time you are registering, you will need to set up your account first.

  1. To enroll your card the simply go to
  2. Click “create an account”
  3. Put in your email address and password.  Confirm your password
  4. Enter plus card OR alt ID number
  5. Go to Community Rewards (near bottom)
  6. Follow through the steps. (Name, address, etc.)
  7. Put in the group number or part of the name of the organization. Lawrencefield’s group number is 96241.
  8. Choose the correct organization.
  9. Click Enroll.

For assistance, contact Fran Schoolcraft or the church office.

The Rector's Study The Rev. Cynthia Byers Walter

A decade of blessing

May 1 marks the ten-year anniversary of my ministry at Lawrencefield Parish Church. As I look back over my favorite memories of this period, many of them involve the children of this parish. I hope I won’t embarrass said children, many of whom are no longer children, by sharing some of these memories with you. Here’s part of what I remember:

  • being impressed by there being a youth member of my search committee (Scott, pre-tats)
  • at my institution as rector, Emilee, then only two years old, imperiously instructing her seven-year-old brother in appropriate behavior.
  • Laura in Confirmation Class describing herself as a cat, because of her flexibility in gymnastics
  • Caleb following Jennifer around the church when she came in the middle of the week to bring supplies
  • Jarred drawing a picture of me after seeing me take a walk in front of his house.
  • Lee stopping the car in which he was driving his date to the prom, because he saw me out walking and wanted to say hi.
  • Brett, Benton and Brady embracing their grandparents as June and Lee renewed their marriage vows.
  • how shy Logan was when he first started coming to church (but brown eyes to die for!).
  • Christopher watching for “certain someones” as we are waiting in the narthex for church to begin. .
  • Holden watching me straighten hymnals and prayerbooks after the service, then running in to rearrange them when my back was turned.
  • Brady’s first Christmas, and how appropriate it seemed to be remembering Jesus’ birth with such a young baby present at Christmas Eve service.
  • the way Brighton pats my back when he hugs me.
  • Jacob bouncing in his chair during baptism instruction.
  • how Adam had to be coaxed to take his first communion.
  • the first time Elizabeth showed up for church in heels.
  • Aidan’s growling stage.
  • Lincoln as a proud construction worker at our Halloween party.
  • holding Faith in the hospital nursery during the time Melissa was so sick.
  • redhead Astin flirting with me at the altar rail.
  • Sarah and Luke going above and beyond for “Saints of St. Lawrence.”
  • Xavier beaming as if a communion wafer is the best gift he ever had.
  • Adeline’s raising her hands in delight to receive communion. (I call this “twinkling.”)
  • Arabella’s cheeks.

In the interest of brevity, I’ve left a lot out. But I thank God for it all. (Thank you all, too!)

News Briefs

E-giving matters

Many thanks to those who are contributing to LPC electronically! You may want to be aware that contributing by credit card incurs a small service charge, a percentage of your donation, which is born by the church. To make sure that the church receives the full amount you intend to donate, after you have entered your “Payment Type,” scroll back up to the “Donation” heading and look for a small checkbox under the “Amount to Donate” box that says “Suggested donation.” Clicking on this box will slightly increase the charge to your account, but spare LPC the service charge.

To donate electronically by either credit or debit, click here: Donate

Help yourself, Help LPC

A simple suggestion from the vestry for a painless way to benefit LPC: When you take out a term life insurance policy, name the Lawrencefield Endowment Fund as a beneficiary! More to come on boosting LPC’s endowment to ensure the church’s future!

Dates set for Churchyard Clean-Up and Adopt-A-Highway

Churchyard Clean-Up: May 15, June 5, July 10, August 14, September 11, October 23
Adopt-A-Highway: June 12, August 21, October 2

Vestry Vibes

Summary of the April 17 Vestry Meeting:

Diocesan loan

The Promissory Note has been signed by the Trustees and returned to the Diocese. We should be receiving a check for $10,000.

Insurance claim

Church Insurance Company has been sent the estimate for replacement of the undercroft carpet due to water damage and just needs a few pictures before issuing us a check for $6,400. Rector will take care of this.

Rector Housing

The only questions around setting up a dorm room (to be called “The Anchorage”) in the education wing are whether that changes our insurance liability and what changes we need to make to the security system. Rector will inquire about the former, Dave Duymich will call about the latter.

Budget Committee

has approved the budget drafted by the rector making up the shortfall between giving cards and funds required with disbursements from the endowment. Hopefully income will exceed projections, as it always has in the past, and we will not need as much from the endowment as the budget indicates.

Education Committee

will meet in late May or June.

Fundraising Committee

is proceeding with plans for the August rummage sale. LPC will not do the Warwood Fair this year.

Surrounding Neighborhoods

Doorhangers advertising LPC have been distributed in Long Vue, Lawrencefield Estates and James Place.


Jeanne Wolfe has begun as Parish Secretary and works Monday and Thursday afternoons 3:30-5:00.


The rector has not yet signed clergy coverage for her expected absence in July, but will do that shortly.

Safety Audit

Church Insurance conducted their 5-year safety audit and came up with minor recommendations. The rector will research these and report back to the vestry.

2015 Financial Audit

Mary Frohme is putting together a committee.

Parking Lot

The B& B has requested use of the parking lot on May 14 and June 18 for weddings. Rector will check to make sure the May date does not conflict with anticipated paving.

Senior Warden

It turns out we still have printed gift bags to handout to visitors have run out. Barb will price replacements. Mugs have a minimum order of 50.The vestry suggested Barb go ahead with pricing the 50.

Junior Warden

The drains are being checked, along with one of the A/C units which has been making noise. We may need a new motor.